Guilt. Shame. Fear. There’s a Better Way.

You're a good person.

Your plastic bags are good, too.

Billions of Americans suffer from bag anxiety every single day. If you've felt any of the symptoms below, you could be a sufferer, too.

  • Heart palpitations when you realize you've forgotten your reusable bag at home
  • Involuntary blushing at the cash register when you ask for plastic
  • Uncontrolled weeping from feeling like an eco-failure
  • Obsessive hand-washing after touching a soiled reusable bag

Are you suffering from bag anxiety? There's a better way to live. Learn more about the condition, and then discover the cure -- the facts about checkout options. Plastic bags are 100% recyclable and more resource-efficient than alternatives.

The truth about bag anxiety can set you free.


I spend my whole paycheck on bags. Cloth bags, nylon bags, hemp bags...I don't care.

Watch the Bag Anxiety Video

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